one for the scientists

“You’re going to get a parcel in the post. Handle it with care.”


No further explanations were forthcoming, ooh, for nearly a whole minute. Uncle Bungle succumbed to gentle questioning/ mild interrogation/ tellmetellmetellme, and heightened the excitement.

Do you know what it is yet?

We hadn’t got to visit the bees, so we had a special honeycomb delivery. Hurrah!

How exciting is that? Real honey, from real bees, that we’re sort of related to. Tree of life, six degrees of separation, evolution, Who Do You Think You Are and whatnot…

You don’t think I should be writing a popular science book, given my great grasp of all the issues? Oh, ok then, no.


9 thoughts on “one for the scientists

  1. I can’t see the photos, only those little coloured squares. Perhaps I need a new internet browser? I gather Uncle Bungle’s parcel had something to do with honey….

    1. Nick, maybe you need to upgrade to the next version? On the other hand, you can keep looking at tiny squares, imagining wonderful pics. I’m afraid you’re going to be awfully disappointed when you get to see my awful photography!

      Yes, honey indeed 😉

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