an unexpected quiet

Some of you may have noticed that, unusually, I’m not ranting or raving or rambling on about the fascinating and scary events in English cities. How did a peaceful protest turn into a series of riots and then widespread looting?

Political leaders have returned from holidays and are offering water cannon. Yeah, like that’s going to help. Even the police don’t seem to rate that idea. Is anyone attempting to manage the situation? Is there any form of political viewpoint behind the rioting or is it just smash and grab- since they got away with it in Tottenham, why can’t we?

The more important question might be about how such a swathe of people are so disassociated from society’s norms that they have no connection with or respect for authority, communities, or indeed anyone. I’m really curious about what’s going on, but don’t have the language or experience to discuss it all sensibly. Instead, I watch the news and wonder about Dave’s make up.

If I try to talk about what’s going on, I’ll probably just take up my default position and blame yer woman. So, I’ll be quiet until my brain works out  somebody tells me what’s happening, and why.


3 thoughts on “an unexpected quiet

  1. I’ve no idea what’s going on either, but I reckon your second last paragraph is part of it, that there’s a whole bunch of people out there with no respect or thought about anyone but themselves.

    Setting fire to someone’s car, or destroying their business, or driving full-belt into a load of innocent people makes no statement to the government, and I reckon most of them aren’t even trying to.

  2. As far as I could see, there has been no attempt to communicate with anyone since the original peaceful protest. Which has clearly been hijacked by those with an eye to the main chance. Even if there had been a purpose to/reason for the discontent, there is no excuse for full scale rioting, looting and particularly for wanton murder. After all, ordinary people have to live in these communities and have to try to make a living.

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