Are you bored with me burbling about the restorative power of beaches? Fear not, brave reader, this one is about brainwaves. The actual ones; not a bright idea. Real live waves of brain activity. Not my brain, of course, that would be waay too scary.

Girl 2 was involved in a research project. Data was collected, and will be processed along with that of hundreds of other 8 year olds. Eventually the researchers will press buttons, do sums and write papers declaring the significance of something or other. I’m sure it will be world view changing. In the meantime, we spent the afternoon in a lab and had sweets on the way home. Summer activities, eh?

strapped in
getting connected
a must for every home- a soundproof box
unexpected scientific equipment #1
unexpected scientific equipment #2

(Apologies, as ever, for the rubbish photography. I’m obviously a slow learner. Maybe I should get a thinking cap like Girl 2’s?)


9 thoughts on “waves

    1. Welcome, I must remember to only write good things about you now… She is generally a smiley soul, except when upset, when she’s the most tearful person in the world. Not like anyone else we know then 😉

  1. I suspect anyone who did research on my brain would discover some pretty bizarre activity. Though if they could improve my erratic memory in the process, they’d be welcome to plug in.

  2. Sounds like a selfless contribution to scientific understanding. Will it give any hope to those with areas of holes in the brain, like myself? Or is that a science all of it’s own???

  3. Grannymar, we were ther for about 2 and a half hours, but by far the longest part of that was Girl2 watching a dvd while the researchers tried to pick up the electrical vibes from each of the wee holes in the hat. They used gel, jumbo cotton buds and lots of wiggling, but it took nearly an hour. They were getting fed up, but GIrl2 was chilled and hardly noticed.

    Janie, before the swim hat went on I had to wash her hair/ massage her scalp. Had she known science involved hair washing, she wouldn’t have gone in the first place… The baby bottle brush is a reject, no good apparently at cleaning the gel off the cap. Instead, they clean each little gelly hole with the electric toothbrush. The whole experience was an odd mixture of high and low tech!

    xtrekki, selfless indeed, but boosted by the sweets on the way home. They also served the purpose of ensuring that her mouth was filled so she couldn’t be whining anbout the cold, the hunger, the hairwashing, the walking…

  4. Wow, this looks like really exciting stuff! I bet Girl2 is delighted at making her contribution to science and learning. Is she signed up for the next Dr Who series?

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