A stove has been ordered. New flooring has been ordered. Shelves have been cleared, and have been claimed by a new owner. New shelves have been found. Sofas have been identified. Nothing else will happen for about a fortnight (apart from the shelves refilling, slowly and quietly, hoping I won’t notice). The bookclub will still have something to sit on when they come round and they won’t need dust masks any more than usual.

Just as I was beginning to get a bit bored of the whole decorating notion (yes, two weeks before it even starts; I told you I’m fickle), the internet sent me a present.

home style 101

Oooh- how fabulous is that? Thank you, internet.

I’ve already been pointing out pictures to Spurs Fan, full of excitement, while he rolls his eyes in despair  smiles with relief that term is due to start and he’ll be back in school with hundreds of screaming children rather than at home with me.


Notions I have for a wall of photographs, or of plates, or using shutters instead of curtains now have a photographic basis, and it’s so much easier to convince him with evidence… I’ll be unstoppable now. Until I get bored again.


10 thoughts on “distractions

  1. Is it that your sofas are normally in disguise? And about those shelves, would a big (tasteful) WET PAINT sign slow the inevitable tide of returning objects?

  2. Oh exciting! And do tell more about the stove. Is this the fireplace replacement? And you won’t have it all done in time for the bookclub! Why ever not?

  3. Kate, our red carpet is going 🙂 Fear has kept me from this for years, before I realised that it might not take 6 months and a remortgaging.

    Mise, the sofa is large and puffy and a ‘used to be gold and red but now just yuk’ colour. There is a chair to match. When we whip off those disguises there will be 2 sofas, too dull for you, but very stylish by our, admittedly low, standards. I’d stand guard in front of the shelves, but Spurs Fan solved that problem this morning, by simply removing them altogether. A clever wheeze that.

  4. kileen, it’s a woodburning stove! *squeaks with excitement* The people in the shop said ‘we’ll take out your fireplace, clear a big space from whatever lurks behind there, plaster, retile the hearth, line the chimney, install the stove and put up a mantel. That’ll take two days.’ I pretended to think about it and didn’t just give them the credit card then and there. (Two days! and I’ve been looking at the monstrosity for more than a decade because I couldn’t face the horror of trying to change it!) Grown up, eh? Who knew I could be that restrained? I’m sure it’ll not really be that straightforward, but I’m hoping.

  5. I love that leather chair in the second photo, but I’m a little confused as to the decorative or functional value of a big basket of tree branches.

    Good luck on your remodeling/redecorating project, it sounds very exciting! Send pictures of the new look so we can drool jealously.

  6. Grannymar, your head may be grey, but it’s very wise.

    Janie, I couldn’t get away with the branches, but I’m hoping it will make my more modest plans seem quite reasonable in comparison.

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