the park

I’ve written before about living close to a large park, and how much I love that. There’s always something to see, and no matter what sort of a hurry I’m in, just being in the park relaxes me. I hadn’t been brave enough to take photographs until the week when I realised that lots of the students had gone- the university is right next door to the park- and that I had the camera with me. I’m still a beginner at this photography business, so forgive the feeble attempts to show you what I like.

Of course, if the children had been with me, they’d only have noticed one thing.


7 thoughts on “the park

  1. Now I’m confused. At first sight I thought the photos were of the bigger park that I like best but the proximity of the university makes me think now it’s the other more cultivated & perfect one. But the photos of all the trees make it look different. I’ll have to go & investigate.

  2. I need my daily walk through a field or along a railway track. I’m out there in all weathers like some old hippy – hello clouds, hello trees, hello sky 🙂

  3. I think your photos are wonderful, especially the second one with the birds on the grass. You can almost hear the birds talking to each other. A walk in a park really lifts the spirits.

  4. I don’t know about ice cream trucks in your neighborhood, but in the States they generally play tinny music box type kid’s music. I once had neighbors who had told their 3 year old that it was the “music man” who drove around all the neighborhoods playing nice music for all the kids. It was all like, “Avery! Listen, the music man is driving down our street. Isn’t that nice?” And poor dumb Avery would get all excited and hope that the older kids would swarm the truck so it would slow down and stop so he could hear the music longer. I’m not sure if that is evil or genius, but I haven’t thought of it in years.

    BTW, looks like a lovely park. I can see why you’d enjoy it so much.

  5. A walk somewhere green and beautiful neutralises things rather wonderfully. When I walk in our forest a tough, knotty day gets smoothed out: and a hyper, happy day does too. NAture has such a lovely way of calming us.
    And then you hear the ice cream siren….:-D

  6. But ice cream has such a wonderful way of calming the spirit too…. Or is that too materialist???
    As for the pics – a very individual, quirky, different, take on a park I love

  7. I met Joan Ruddock in that park once when she was head of CND, before she was a Labour MP. All the women with whom she was staying could talk about were her wonderful legs – so smooth and hairless apparently.
    It’s a lovely park. I still like visiting the museum there – though it’s been a while – and the new layout is a bit weird for me. Not bad, just not like it was when I was wee.

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