Well, more correctly, this one is an ex-entrance (which is probably not an exit).

An ex-entrance to an ex-garage. No car has been driven though that door in recent memory. Of course, there is no room inside to store a vehicle any bigger than a tricycle anyway. It’s a store area/ dumping ground. There is a usable entrance…

A fraction of the horrors within are visible.

Coming soon to a blog near here: ‘The Revenge of the Fireplace’, a tale of a critical incident which took place entirely within the confines of the ex-garage. No children were harmed during this incident.


11 thoughts on “entrance

  1. There can’t be many garages that are still used for their original function. The majority are used as storage areas, mostly for all the daft impulse buys and obsolete junk that we don’t want in the house any more but for some reason can’t get rid of. And anyway, old garages are too small for today’s cars so driving into them without ripping off the wing mirrors or denting something is almost impossible.

    1. Nick’s right. The only garage I know that fits a car is a double garage – just the one car though of course.
      Anyway, where else would you keep those things that might come in handy – flag stones, roof tiles, lengths of wood, not-quite-empty paint tins, old brushes, brackets, fittings, broken frisbee, bikes, etc, etc. All the things that my Dad used to say “might come in handy on a desert island” – in his cases a canoe, a gas mask, medicine ball…

  2. I can see your pics now btw. I discovered that when I get the security box, if I click No and then Close, the pics appear. The wonders of technology….

  3. A critical incident??? Revenge of the fireplace???
    Just as long as any possibly distrubing photos come with a health warning!

  4. The word “garage”, if you look it up, actually means “Place full of old paint-tins and a very tangled garden-hose”.

    And, in your case, a fireplace. Have trailers for the story,,, “just a few days to go now”, “coming next Wednesday”, etc.

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