in between days

We’re in a lull from the decorating chaos. The plaster has nearly dried, the painting is mostly done. The flooring arrives in about 10 days, the sofas in a month. I’m hoping the worst is over. We can’t reassemble the room properly until there’s something other than tatty underlay on the floor, so there are no shelves. Some pictures are up, but are not necessarily going to stay where they’ve been put. There are no curtains- I don’t want the old ones to go back, but it cost so much to get them dry cleaned we can’t justify new ones yet. (If only I’d thought to shrink them by accident in the washing machine.) I’m still looking out for cushions, throws (Spurs Fan rolls his eyes in horror at this- we have loads of blankets/ rugs/ throw things, but of course, now, they’re not the right colours) and other soft furnishings, since we apparently need ‘texture’.

In the meantime, a brief update. See if you can spot what our next decorating task is going to be.


11 thoughts on “in between days

  1. Ah that song brings back the teenage years! So, you’re going to be at the forefront of blogging home décor and wallpaper your stairs? The new stove looks very well.

  2. I love the decor, and I can’t for the life of me see anything that needs doing. I should add that I have all the design sense of a warthog. (And they’re really not good at design)

    1. It all looks pretty presentable to me, too. Maybe you want to get directions from Kate to the shop where they sell the decorative dried blowfish….

  3. I can’t see anything that need doing. Maybe you’re going to commission Sharon to create another of her fab paintings?

  4. The stair way is the next challenge- the days of yellow paint and orange pine are numbered. Not small numbers, because we need to recover, but whatever number takes us into spring 🙂

    Dawnriser, I’ve had that super painting for a while. Created by Sharon, and yes, Kileen I’d love another one. I’ll start negotiating with Spurs Fan when we move into the ‘paint the hall’ phase 🙂

  5. I’m breathless at the determination with which you have executed this whole project!! I’ve been talking about much smaller projects for about three years now and haven’t managed to start any of them!!! Will you please come be my project manager????

    1. Ah, but it’s taken 11 and a half years, a bereavement and Spurs Fan being off work for this to happen! Years of thinking it would be too much like hard work to be bothered about it, and some more years of my mind not being able to deal with even thinking about it. So, as long as you don’t want anything done for about 5 years, surely I’ll be your project manager 🙂

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