the empire swings back?

The park close to here used to host major music events (U2 at the end of the road- the most convenient concert ever); now it’s more likely to have cultural events, with added music. There’s the tasteandmusicfest, the mela and any number of other council sponsored events.

Today (Saturday) was different. Belfast was ‘saddling up for an exciting and glamorous new addition to Northern Ireland’s summer social calendar.’ What summer social calendar? ‘Glamorous’ means ‘expensive’, doesn’t it? I’m curious though- what is going on? Why are they painting lines on the grass?

A helicopter with a HRH. Horse boxes. Champagne and canapés. Visiting teams from Argentina. It’s all well outside my comfort zone.

Polo! In Belfast! Minutes from here …

image from here

Also, £85 a ticket. Ah.

So much for my chances of seeing rich folk at play down the road. It’s not their natural habitat. If only I’d thought to get Spurs Fan to take pics as he walked past.


10 thoughts on “the empire swings back?

  1. Am I the only Belfast resident who is fed up of Botanic Gardens getting regularly taken over by events that proscribe my walk through that park? Just call me grumpy

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