trains, planes and a big boat

In a break from domestic chaos I took the girls to the Transport Museum. It’s a fascinating spot, full of technology through the years and a mine of social history. Levers to pull, carriages to clamber into, trams to wonder at. My status as ancient was reaffirmed when I remembered Ford Cortinas and De Lorean.
did the olden days people really sit here?
super strong
for my grandmother, the way home
for Spurs Fan's grandfather, the job
note the selling point is basically 'come to Donegal and freeze'

We were there primarily to see an exhibition about the Titanic- Belfast is proud of its shipbuilding, even that of what Annie calls the ‘temporary ship’. We saw bits of metal, stressed out of shape; a nightgown found floating in the sea; a silver soup tureen, dented. The opulance of the ship was staggering, too good to last; a metaphor for its time indeed.

For me, the most remarkable thing was that there was only 30 odd years between these two snapshots:

spot the car: '1960s Cortina Culture'
1934, hiring fairs

We decided against the flight simulator, and retired to the cafe for caramel squares. In smaller heads, that might have been the real reason for the visit.


8 thoughts on “trains, planes and a big boat

  1. Get them to watch Back to the Future, they’ll be thrilled now that they’ve actually seen a DeLorean.

    The pictures are great, and don’t feel too ancient – I can remember those AA phone boxes.

  2. Macy, the Cortina is hiding in the pic behind all the stuff- cream with a stylish orange stripe… Tom might not have been so obvious 🙂
    Kate and Janie- I hadn’t been there in years, but it was well worth the trip.
    Grannymar, the girls still talk of the smell and the cramped ship in the Folk Park. It’s very effective.
    Tinman- BttF it is. Such a fun film

  3. Have to go see the Titanic exhibition. Transport museum won’t be bettered in next year’s flurry of commemorative events.

    1. Note how I cunningly didn’t show many photos of the titanic exhibition, just to make sure that you actually go! Or it could be that the photographs were rubbish…

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