little steps

It’s happening. Little by little. Girl1 and Girl2 are growing up. Amdist the chaos of the summer there have been lots of clues…

– they survived the ‘sink or swim’ nature of the hospital/ wake/ funeral scenarios by chatting confidently to anyone and everyone. They have lost their reserve.

– Girl2 decided it was about time she could ride her bike, so off she went. No more holding on, no more adult sore backs, no more push and glide… she just did it.

– Girl1 realised that she lives in a city, which provides clothes shopping opportunities beyond supermarkets. A gift was not spent adding to the clothes collection of the Build a Bears. She bought proper Converse boots. I think she’ll be looking for fancy brand name clothes come Christmas time.

– We have new neighbours. The children are small, energetic and very loud. Like Little Miss Pink For Now, they manage to make our ruffians seem positively sedate.

– Each girl has come in with badly grazed and bleeding limbs, that they didn’t tell me about. No hugs, kisses or TLC required. ‘Oh, that’s just a graze. It’s fine’. My mind has boggled.

– Most telling of all- nobody held my hand on the way to school this morning. Bah.


9 thoughts on “little steps

  1. In awe at girl 2’s bravery acquiring a skill I don’t have. And girl 1 has excellent taste in her choice of footwear. You must be very proud of them. Big steps…

  2. It’s tough, I still remember when they wouldn’t let me walk into the schoolyard with them anymore, it’s great to see them growing up and yet still sad.

  3. Ah, guilt works too- Girl1 read this and has done diligent hugging since ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, she was very proud that the pic she took of her new boots made it to the outside world. Growing up indeed.

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