in which I am a tech wizard

… or, Speccy discovers a remarkable ability to follow instructions. Twice. In one day. Cause for celebration indeed.

I have a Kindle e-reader. I’m very happy with it. It’s smaller and thinner than most paperbacks, it fits easily in a handbag and it holds more than I’ll ever need it to. It has chunky buttons rather than a touch screen and no colour- but if I needed an iPad I’d get one. (If anyone can think of any reason I’d need an iPad, do let me know.) When we were in Scotland, the Kindle screen went stripy. Hmmm. I switched it off and on a few times, and then left it alone for a few weeks. When it didn’t magically fix itself, I finally got in contact with Amazon. They agreed to send me a new one, and sent an email with all the details. Then my head exploded. Nothing made any sense. Click here, print that, arrange collection dates with them, deregister, register, transfer, google that first- it’s fiddly, burble, long words, gobbledygook.

loving the Kindle
pity about the pesky screen problem

I spent a few days lying in a darkened room and eventually felt brave enough to read the email again. I printed it out; the paper jammed. This was not a good start. More coffee. Girls helping Spurs Fan bake. Peace. Try again.

I booked a collection time. I printed off the right labels. I de-registered one Kindle and registered the new one. I transferred all the content. I removed the cover (the fiddly bit) without breaking anything. I wrapped the old Kindle, remembering to put the proper details on the inside as well. I even put the cover on the new Kindle without any bother. Get me. I am competent. Sometimes.

Then, (yes, there’s more!) I decided to buy some music. I had been playing with folk music on iTunes and so I had to buy the new album by our friend Dave. It’s not on iTunes or Amazon, but surely he said we can download it? Into Facebook. Ah, there it is- click, follow instructions, pay. Oh, hang on a minute!! How am I going to actually play this? Where will it go when it downloads? (OK, you’ve caught me out, I’m not really a tech wizard.) Oh, look, instructions. Sigh of relief. Extract files, into iTunes, file, add to library. Listen to Dave on iPod, happily.

I  can read am a genius.


11 thoughts on “in which I am a tech wizard

  1. You are a techie guru. You need an iPad because I’d like one. If you get one first, use all your techie wisdom setting it up & then tell me it’s wonderful. I’ll have an excuse to get one. And you can show mw how to use it.

    1. I’d like one of those fold up ones from the tv ad! It starts out as a large(ish) flat screen tv and folds up via ipad to ipod. How cool would that be? Taking an ipod out of your bag and unfolding it to tv size? Yes I definitely want one of those. Not sure where to buy them though?
      I could get Ethan (4years 6months) to instruct you in ipad use. he has had his own for 6 months now!!

  2. A genius, and ahead of the curve as well. I have been eyeing those Kindle things, thinking that although I would miss paper they would solve the book problem in my house (too many books). Now that I’m reassured that it has your approval, I can purchase in peace.

  3. OMG – and I thought having a kindle would make reading easy!!! You have just spelt out the reasons I should never even consider getting one!! Not to mention that ipad!

  4. Mise, I would be remiss if i didn’t warn you that having a Kindle doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped buying actual books. I’m not even sure if I buy fewer actual books. Waterstone’s have now stopped their 3 for 2 offers, so that should limit the spontaneous shopping to the Kindle. I hope. The only way to solve the book problem (albeit temporarily) is to do a huge clear out and give them to your friendly neighbourhood charity fundraisers- Scarlettruby and xtrekki got mine 🙂

    Scarlettruby- does he actually use it? Has he got bored with it yet? Maybe it’s at the back of a wardrobe with Thomas the Tank Engine? Maybe you could sneak it out for me….

    Kileen, we can share Ethan’s (lie; it’s mine all mine)

    xtrekki, never worry, Ethan can sort you out 🙂

  5. I am in awe. As you know I am truly useless at tech-stuff, and understood very little of this post. I did like looking at the pictures, though.

    Kileen’s logic for why you need an iPad is impeccable. You owe it to her, er, I mean yourself to get one.

  6. Tinman, now don’t be thinking I actually understood anything! I was just relieved that the instructions worked.

    Kate- is that heavy for holding on your lap, or heavy for carrying about outside the house? If I ever get one (despite kileen’s plan, highly unlikely) I’d probably be too scared to take it anywhere other than the front room.

  7. This started well. I was thinking – well. if she’s got one – maybe they’re not so bad.
    But then it all went pear shaped.

  8. Blackwatertown- it’s a measure of my liking of the Kindle that I was prepared to do all that! I’m not giving up on it yet 🙂

    Grannymar, I’m afraid I’d be lost without the iPod. We don’t have a working CD player, though we can play tapes and there’s a record player gathering dust in the attic. We’re like our own wee museum …

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