folk folk

The girls were struggling at the weekend. They’re tweenie, poppy types. If a band hasn’t been on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, why would anyone be interested? However, they are stuck with elderly parents who like music. Spurs Fan was gearing up to go and see The Specials, so was bouncing around the kitchen, singing along. The children retreated to the living room and found me watching the highlights of the Cambridge Folk Festival.

What is that?

Is that folk music?

Why do you like that?

He’s not holding his trumpet properly.

I thought he was going to play really fast?

Look, the ducks are swimming away, they don’t even like her singing!

Do you really like that?

Why do you want to go there?

Will we have to come?

When is this over?

Eventually, they discovered something to entertain them.

‘We can grow beards if we want to.’ Something for everyone after all.


7 thoughts on “folk folk

  1. Your choice of music does, indeed, leave me daunted! but – I am ever more impressed by your ability to upload and post video onto your blog! You really will have to pass on some (simple) tips to me!

  2. Macy, that’s such fun 😀 The internet was v slow over the last few days, so I’ve only just been able to watch it.
    Grannymar, they do have lovely voices. I am not jealous at all. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

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