annoying saturday letters

I’ve long had the theory that the Social Security Agency time their letters to arrive on a Saturday- that way they can’t be contacted by phone. Irate, anxious, stressed recipients will have calmed down a bit by Monday morning.

I’ve had many Saturday letters: a review of this benefit; time to reapply for that benefit; no, you’re really fit for work; yes you are, yes you are, yes you are; we don’t pay any attention to what your doctor says; oh all right, you can have a tribunal; um, ok then, you’re not fit to work; time to review your benefit …

This weekend I got an Annoying Saturday Letter about Herself. How could that possibly be? She died; they know that; they have nothing to do with dead people.

Unless, of course, they overpay the tuppence ha’penny that is the state pension, and they want it back.

Yes, the world is in economic crisis, there are famines and wars and overcrowded prisons and crumbling hospitals, public services are being cut to the bone, but it could all be resolved if only the recently bereaved would hurry up and pay back that 60 odd pounds of state money that they’re holding on to. It doesn’t belong to them, you know.


10 thoughts on “annoying saturday letters

  1. That’s terrible, it’s awful some of the unfeeling letters you get from authority after someone has died.
    We don’t get Saturday post down here, but we do get your credit card company ringing at ten past nine in the morning.

    Though I don’t think the poor girl will do it again.

  2. Feeling it Speccy. Had similar letters following Wayne’s death.

    And from the insurance company when Ned died. No they weren’t paying out anything since I couldn’t prove what I’d paid for him – but could they have the £12 owing on the (useless) policy.

    It hurts more than the simple pounds and pence.

  3. Well do I know that feeling. They don’t wait a second. And the cursory condolences opening sentence is worse than getting none. May I put a word in for O2 tho’? I had a mobile that I used solely for my late mother’s business, paid for through her account. When informed of her death, they wrote off her last bill. That was the lone bit of graciousness amid a sea of crassness.

  4. Macy, I ought not to be surprised by that, but it is shocking. Dawnriser’s tale shows that it doesn’t have to be that awful, but that really is the exception. It’s not at all about the money- the cheque is posted- it’s about how rubbish they make you feel. No matter what the situation actually is, they manage to give the impression that we’ve somehow swindled them/ the public purse. Rage!

    Tinman, I begin to think I may have sympathy for your caller 😉

  5. Well – you’re an easier target that tax-dodgers. Vulnerable and probably accountant-free…Sympathy and sensitivity has never been a noted feature of the social security system. And as for timing…

  6. Well, I guess £60 times tens of thousands of people would be a large sum of money, but how crass to demand it so swiftly, and how crass to demand it at all. Can’t they just let the dead rest in peace, even if they do owe some money? Like O2, they should just quietly write it off.

  7. Disgusting. I have felt the injustice of being treated as worse than garbage for being unemployed due to no fault of my own after 20+ years of being a dutiful tax paying citizen. There is no humanity in human services. I am so sorry you have to deal with such insensitivity in the wake of losing a beloved mother, that must make the hurt and anger cut all the more deeply.

  8. I feel your pain on this one. When Jack died I had his name removed and replaced with mine on all accounts and utility bills. Since it was the beginning of a Rates year, I visited their local office with all the paperwork including a copy of the death certificate. It took three visits talking to four people and many phone calls to complete this simple task. The next year ‘The Rates’ bill arrived addressed to me. A week later another rates bill arrived for the same house, addressed to my husband! It took four years and a threat of a solicitor to get it sorted!

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