just because it’s true

… doesn’t mean I want to hear you say it.

I see an occupational therapist sometimes. It’s part of the Condition Management Programme that the disability adviser sent me on. In theory it will help with the fatigue, brain fog, and pain. We chat about how I approach tasks (teeny, tiny steps) and try to pace tasks to conserve energy. There’s nothing new about it, but it helps me be concious of what I’m doing.

I’m to start keeping records of what I do/ how tired it makes me feel. We got chatting about various activities- go for walks, do yoga now that I’ve rediscovered the dvd. All very polite, helpful, concerned.
Then, “Would you be interested in losing weight?”
She might has well have pointed and laughed, “Yo! Fatty!”

I’m well aware that I’m softer rounder cuddlier fatter than I’d like, but err, ok then, hello motivation …

maybe, after several years hard work and no eating ...

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9 thoughts on “just because it’s true

    1. Don’t be daft; I’ve been huffing. Spurs Fan is not laughing. On pain of death. We’ll all be allowed to laugh about it soon, but I’m huffing for now.

      Also, I’m not eating bread, cheese or chocolate. Joining weightwatchers.

      I seem to believe that since she’s a health professional it’s ok to be blunt to vulnerable people under the guise of being helpful …

  1. Under the guise is the important phrase. Personally, I don’t think it’s helpful. But what do I know. For me, diets only make me obsessed with food. I’ve been known to gain weight while dieting. But, hey, I’m not a health professional.

  2. Like I’ve said before – the vulnerable person is the easy target. She probably wouldn’t have dared to say it to a really fat person, who would have decked her!!

  3. I’m with Gok Wan on this one. I love the idea that we are not just fine but great as we are. I have a stunning spindly sister and comparisons are not helpful: but still they come. I’m all for Rigby and Peller and a John Lewis personal shopper on these occasions. They do what no amount of reassurance from those who love us can.

  4. I had to laugh at this one. It’s so much the dreaded question for so many of us all through life!
    My favorite when I was younger was the frequent question from people I hadn’t seen in a long time – “Wow, you’ve lost weight haven’t you?” – when I knew for a fact that I had gained 12 pounds since I last saw them. I realized that people stored a “fat” image of me in their minds. Very encouraging. 🙂

  5. I was told this week that I have always been round, I was never slim. So I see myself now as an M&M – I’d prefer if I was a yellow one rather than red for some reason.

  6. Dawnriser, I’m good at diets for about 3 days. Then I forget, or obsess, and admit defeat. Expect my new motivation to go the same way 🙂

    xtrekki, she was lucky I didn’t cry on her!

    Kate, I think I’d be ok with being a bit big if I didn’t keep expanding. I know the last few months have been chaos and comfort eating is fine up to a point, but even the big clothes are beginning to feel the strain …

    Patti, I’d take the comments and never let on 🙂

    kileen! How is the other person’s black eye healing?

  7. I went through life being called ‘a drink of water’ or ‘skinny ma link, melodian legs’, and always feeling the cold! Hang on to the little bit of insulation…. winter is coming.

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