It’s not the crunchy leaves, roaring fire or annual collection of conkers that signals the true return of autumn round here. We like kicking through the leaves, hunting for chestnuts and we’re really enjoying the fire, but somehow they’re not enough for autumn. We need warmth and cosiness and pyjamas.

Soon, the time will be right.

Names have been announced. Rehersals have started. There’s an initial display this weekend …

Strictly Come Dancing time!

2010 winners

Bonding over a tv programme. One filled with ‘fascinating personalities’- or those in need of a career boost: a huge boxer, singers, actors, presenters from various broadcasting companies, the ex partner of the ex manager of the England football team, people I’ve never heard of. I normally hate this sort of stuff, but Strictly has an old fashioned charm that works for me. The participants work hard, learn new skills and genuinely perform. The judges perform just as much.

We have clipboards and marking sheets. My imagination is having fun with the thought of Nancy and Edwina. Robbie apparently has ‘snake hips’. Poor Jason hasn’t much hair anymore and looks like he misses it. Lulu and the wee drummer guy should do well. It’s going to be such fun.

2008 winners, looking exhausted

I can’t dance, but the little folk keep trying to teach me. They laugh at my attempts at wii dancing. They wave score paddles with a generous 4 on them. They try hard to be supportive. Spurs Fan rolls his eyes.

Autumn family viewing, yay. The family gathered together, sharing the experience, the music, the fun. Making memories.

And it means I get to sleep through the X Factor watching the next morning. Double yay.

There is a method to my madness.


4 thoughts on “autumn

  1. Yay bring on the Autumn tv! Strictly – I only ever dipped into now & again but I realise now I need score paddles to fully enjoy it. Such fun!!! So I’ll be watching it, along with the return of Doc Martin & Downton Abbey. And new joys- Billy Connolly on Route 66, Masterchef Ireland… I will not be going out again till Spring.

  2. I’ve just watched the first series of Downton Abbey, so I’m ready. I have to start watching Doc Martin because of the beautiful location, and Billy is not to be missed, ever. Spurs Fan has been catching up on The Killing (having spent months laughing at me being addicted to something with subtitles) so we can read the next series together. It must be time for some of the glossy fluffy hospital dramas to come back?

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