get your hair done

It’s the weekend, but none of my family believe in extra sleeping. Not when there’s dancing to be done and football matches to be played. My precarious equilibrium was thrown by two separate people I haven’t seen since the dancing classes in June greeting me with big grins and enthusiastic ‘How was your summer?’ I rushed past, smiling, nodding and non committal. And panicking. I drove the short distance to the supermarket without crashing, not even when the car stereo started beeping frantically before ejecting the cd with venom.

I worked on keeping my breathing under control while I got a few bits, and returned to the car with most – but not all – of the items I’d gone to get. Once dancing, and therefore my driving for the day was finished, I took a tablet. Soon, I was in the hairdressers, expecting to feel a lot better.

why not change your hair colour?

I’ve been wearing the specs a lot recently. When I take them off in the salon, the world around me is blurred; I’m in a little bubble of my own. Yesterday I was wearing lenses. I’ll not make that mistake again. Big windows, plenty of natural light. Loads of artificial light. Big, big mirrors. Who is that exhausted looking blonde woman with deep, gougy, wrinkles? How did that happen? Thank goodness I’ll never make it on to HDTV.

Later, the hairdresser commented on the rain lashing down from the high heavens. As I was pondering the state my hair would be in after walking home, she went on to mention the bad weather that’s due. The tail end of Hurricane Something is on it’s way and is expected to leave a trail of destruction, whipping off roofs and the like. Earlier in the day I’d probably have had a minor panic attack; now we just laughed about how I’m not going to go back to her- already I’d ended up with wrinkles, wind bashed hair and no roof. I was meant to be feeling good!

Thank all gods for appropriate medication and lots of laughter.


One thought on “get your hair done

  1. Being the eternal optimist I am fully expecting a nice tropical heatwave once the hurricane passes.
    Though frankly, I’d settle for a monsoon, on the basis that at least that’s warm…..

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