creative thinking

There are things to done. Not just boring domestic things; the house will be tidy sometime and there will be enough clean uniforms. Nobody is going to starve. There are things that interest me that need to be done. When I get energy and enthusiasm.

Right now the most obvious way to get items from the ‘to do’ list to the ‘done’ list is by using a red pen, or cutting and pasting. But no, I’m not doing that. I’m going to be creative and do these bloomin’ things. Or some of them. Maybe I should start with the most difficult; if I can face that then everything else will be easy?

I’ll start at the bottom.

The ‘to do’ list

– write witty, insightful book reviews of Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman and Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Note that these are two funny women writing small part memoir/ bigger part how to get on in the world as a woman. Both made me laugh out loud. Only Moran made me wince- she is extraordinarily candid. I preferred Fey’s lighter touch (almost ‘whatever you say, say nothing’), but am impressed by Moran saying the unsayable and still bringing a book about feminism into the bestseller lists. (perhaps 4 sentences will count as a review?)

– provide informed comment on plans for a PSP care pathway. Read documents and respond in a way that is more than ‘Yes, but …’

– exercise

– get back to envelope stuffing. All those information packs won’t get out of the house by themselves.

– prepare my input to a teaching session for nurses, on rare diseases. I have 20 mins on ‘a carer’s perspective’. Maybe I’ll just read out that article?

-prepare for interview for a voluntary position on a reference group about neurological services.  An interview. Am I mad?

– write a thoughtful review of CS Lewis’ grief book. Note how I recognised the shock, bewilderment, anger, the need to be around people, but not wanting to talk to them … and other things I can’t remember.

– begin to deal with the stack of sympathy/ Mass cards received after Herself’s death. By ‘begin’ I mean ‘open the bag’.

giving orders

What’s actually getting done

– spending time in bed.

– sitting on the sofa with a hot water bottle, reading or watching last night’s tv.

– fluffing up new cushions.

– missing Herself.


2 thoughts on “creative thinking

  1. But you wrote a blog post too.
    I read somewhere that one trick is to list things as you do them. That makes you feel better looking at a list of things done rather than things not done at the end of the day.

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