they’re back

Our few weeks of spacious minimalism are over. They were pleasant, but not homey- a bit like staying in a hotel. Perfectly acceptable, but not your own.

Shelves have been built. And filled.

The books are back!

Not all of the books mind you; our friendly local fundraisers came and took away hundreds of books- the sort of clear out that hasn’t happened for about 8 years. (Must do this more frequently …) A dictionary, poetry books, old favourites, rediscovered gems, all to hand.  Touchstones, comforts, challenges, reflections of who I am, or who I’d like to be. Not all of the books are mine, but the vast majority are. So much of ‘me’ is tied up in them. The football books and much of the music are Spurs Fan’s. He lives here too. He’s even come round to not hating the Jasper Johns Green Target.

The dvds are back also, and have moved from tottering stacks on the floor. The cds remain in the attic.

Soon the sofa will arrive and, eventually, the plaster round the fire will be dry enough to paint. In the meantime, I’m not fussing or anxious or bored with it. It feels good.

All that space is not to be filled.

No, it’s not.


8 thoughts on “they’re back

  1. Mise, cheeky indeed!

    Tinman, we saw that in NY many moons ago- I’d the thing bought before we even went round the museum. I love it. Spurs fan has resisted the temptation to draw goal posts and a penalty spot on it 🙂

    Kate, I know nothing about feng shui, so any advantage is a happy accident. A prosperous corner sounds good- would a glass of wine do the same job as a fountain?

    Janie, I think I need a house that expands! I’m hoping these pics will remind me of what it should look like, so I can rediscover the space in a few weeks …

    Thank you all for the positive comments. I’m all smug and contented with them right now 🙂

  2. I always thought that someday Spurs Fan would rebel & the green print might find a home with me. But now you’ve explained the goalposts/penalty spot vision, I can see how he’s been reconciled to it.

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