arm party

I wear bangles most of the time, and have done for years. (Specs, watch, bangles is the routine. Make up comes way behind.) I’m not quiet. The children hear me approach and adjust their behaviour accordingly. I can entertain a small baby until the appropriate food source hovers into view. There are everyday, basic bangles and there are the add-ons for social events or added noise. I’m not one for delicate, dainty jewellery; it’s pretty and has its place, but that place is not on me. I thought I knew what was what when it comes to bangles, bracelets and arm bits.

The internet disabused me of that notion.  ‘Ha! A few bangles, and you think you’re the business; you innocent fool’ was the message. I’ve been missing out on having an arm party. Did you have one and not invite me?

Images from the Man Repeller

Ok, so that would take me all day to get organised, and then I’d scare people. What about this one? The one full of understated style and elegance.

a vision of loveliness

I don’t wear much gold or have antiques, but if I was a WASP, yes, I could go for the look of privilege

Image from Privilege 


6 thoughts on “arm party

    1. Simple but stylish, eh? Downmarket is good- my last purchase was a chunky charmy elasticated item, for £6 at a local craft event. Lots of the cheapie bangles are designed for folk with arms half the width of mine, so the elasticated type work for me.

    1. Lisa, you introduced me to the whole concept 🙂 I really like that your bangles and bracelets are full of family and story telling- as well as being gorgeous!

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