not today

Step away from your screen.

Back another bit.

You really don’t want to be too close to me today.

I’m shivering, sneezing and snuffling.

My eyes are puffy and streaming. So is my nose.

my day today

Yes, that far back should do.

You can find me later, from a safe distance, over at Blackwatertown. I entered Paul’s competition (with books for prizes, of course I did) to write about an encounter with a well known person that didn’t go as well as one might have hoped. I’m telling the tale of two young students and a protest singer.

And disillusionment.

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7 thoughts on “not today

  1. Poor you, I hope you feel better soon.

    I’m typing this, by the way, with the end of a broom, standing four feet from my computer.

    (Well, you never know – maybe you have a computer virus).

  2. Finally! I have published your great story – with its shocking revelations – the encounter and the funny business over the originality or otherwise of the lyrics. I never knew that.
    Sorry about leaving it so late in the day to get it online. It’s been a day of good busyness out and about.
    Thank you – apart from the leaving my disillusioned bit – for sharing your celeb tale. (It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Which is why it’s so good!)

  3. Hilariously, Spurs Fan has just been over to Blackwatertown and has been horrified. That I upset Billy Bragg. I do wonder sometimes 🙂

    BWT, good busyness happens so rarely; it should always come before blogging.

    Kate, we recovered from the ‘dear’ and the outrage, and dust the tale down every few years for retelling.

    1. What does Spurs Fan think Bill Bragg is? Some sort of saint?
      Oh, right – he is.
      Probably means you have to be burned at the stake now – unless the statue of limitations gets you off on a technicality.

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