what to do

I went looking for some explanation for the wonderfully useful phrase ‘a to do’. It describes to me some minor conflict, a bit of a fuss. Such as a divergence of opinion between mother and daughter, perhaps. What I found were pages and pages of information on how to produce a ‘to do’ list. Methods, designs, strategies, apps. Nobody suggested a pencil and a bit of paper.

I need lists. I hate lists.

A ‘to do’ list. Ugh. At worst, it is a long list of things I don’t know how to do.

A ‘to do’ list. Great. At best, it helps me organise my mind, define small, achievable steps. It’s motivating.

Of course, I never know what to expect. What will the list mean today; will it be the elephant or the teaspoon?

Last week I was busy, I was exhausted, I felt good. I felt the unusual warm glow of competence. There were no miracles, but I knew I was making progress with things I wanted to do. Now I have to manage that, not get over enthusiastic. Pace myself.

This week I got to be sociable, and to restart some of the more mundane aspects of the voluntary work. Envelope stuffing is not inspiring, but is necessary. A different charity came to take away furniture and fireplace and hopefully will make some money from them. The new sofas arrived. Yay!

Hmmm … the post bereavement flurry of displacement decorating is pretty much over.

Time for a new to do list?


2 thoughts on “what to do

  1. There would be a big to-do if I lost my to-do list, it’s absolutely essential. My memory is so erratic I need a detailed reminder of the day’s tasks. But I don’t need a reminder to give myself regular treats!

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