I’ve been brainfogged recently. What functioning cells I’ve had have been pondering my participation in a training day for nurses on rare diseases.

Should I say this?

Should I mention that?

It’s time to stop being angry at the GP; let it go now.

I’ll need to do up some sort of sheets for the afternoon workshops.

Will I last until the afternoon?

Who else do I need to contact?

Do I need to post more information packs?

I’ve timed my talk at 12 minutes- can I slow it down to 15, or will I be anxious and rush through it in 3 minutes?

I decided to practise my talk on the OT, to use her rather than be offended by her. That was useful- I didn’t cry, and she had some useful ideas. Then she suggested she round up her colleagues, and I come back and practise on them. Oh my.

We’re trying to raise the profile of rare diseases, and had discussed YouTube and podcasts without really knowing what we were talking about. Then some fool decided it would be great if we recorded the talks at this event, then we’d have something to work with  give a techy person to work with. Of course, the poor deluded fool had forgotten she’d be recorded too.

3 minutes it is then.


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