Part 1:

Good friends from England are coming to visit next week. We haven’t seen them for over a year. They have the sense to be staying in a hotel in the city centre, but they’ll be here. This gives us the motivation to finish painting the plaster in the living room and to find the dining room table under the papers, boxes of leaflets and display boards that I’ve inherited from the former PSP Association member of staff.

Happily, the pink chaos got sorted out. If all else fails, we can just send all the children there. I’m sure the teenage boy won’t mind.

Part 2:

I’ve been writing this blog since March. You’ve had to put up with frustration, attempts to be funny, illness and death, chaos of the mind and the house. I’ve been exhausted and exhilerated, bored and broken hearted, fat and furious.

I post most days, but not every day. Yesterday I was cognitively challenged, and posted nothing. Yesterday, my blog had its busiest ever day.

Is there something you’re trying to tell me?


8 thoughts on “visitors

  1. Visitors eh??? This’ll be why there’s no blog to comment on???

    Well, shrugs you know me…I’ll just keep on commenting on this one…

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