I’m not naturally this gorgeous. It doesn’t take too much effort, but it does require stuff. ‘Product’ is the term. There are regular hairdresser appointments to colour in the white bits. There’s the gunk that turns the bonkers frizz into proper curls. There’s different gunk that stops the make up sliding about and ending up in the wrinkles only. (It’s important not to confuse the varieties of gunk.)

I may well have fallen victim to an industry that tells me that frizz needs managed, or that streaky make up- or no make up- is a bad look, but that’s ok. I’ll never be a supermodel, but I feel more confident when my hair is under control. I try not to run out of the key products. Both can be bought in the fancy schmancy department store in town.

That way danger lies.

Browsing is not allowed. There is a sale on right now. Browsing is definitely not allowed. Honestly, I do not need aubergine pots and pans, even at 40% off. Certainly, I don’t need any china. There is, of course, a huge difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’.

I arranged to meet a friend in town. I gave myself a limited time only to shop for essential stuff. I had no time to browse, or wander, or look, or lust.

Still, somehow, this happened.



16 thoughts on “danger

  1. Last night when I said I wanted an ipad, you said I needed one – so there is no difference between want and need. Go back tomorrow for the aubergine pots and all the stuff you missed because you didn’t browse. Browsing is life affirming…or something.

  2. The sheer quantity of lotions and potions a woman needs to look her best is frightening. There’s heaps of them crowding the drawers and shelves in this house. A good job I’m not required to look so pleasing. If it’s the department store I’m thinking of, I was also in there on Thursday looking for stuff. Underwear and socks in my case. I know male cosmetics are catching on but with grim determination I sailed straight through the perfume and cosmetics section without temptation.

  3. Surely one mug is not that dangerous…. You showed remarkable restraint, in my book.

    While in the Major Metropolis earlier this week I made time to browse the IKEA. I came away with a dozen bowls. They are the perfect size I’ve been looking for and a lovely neutral shade of off white that will go with all my dishes. And such a bargain, a mere 79 cents each. Of course we also bought 6 Swedish chocolate bars, lingonberry jam, gooseberry jam, lingonberry juice, a tea towel, a bread board and some holiday wrapping paper. It may be argued that they are all unnecessary purchases, but Leif figured it was necessary to placate my nerves. I did draw the line at the new teapot with a built in tea press and the cast iron enameled dutch oven large enough to cook a whole turkey. So my binge was not as dangerous as it could have been….

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