all joined up

When Spurs Fan went to see Billy Bragg this week, we three headed across town to watch a school musical. I never need persuaded to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat. I love it. (No, I have no credibility. Think of it as an endearing foible.)

It was a wonderful performance. Young women with talent, poise and confidence, belting it out. They had great fun, and the production had some fantastic touches. We were late home, singing all the way. Girl2 felt a bit queasy- the combination of a late night and eating her body weight in sweets. (A gift from Sweet Shop Cousin, which meant that they all had to be consumed right now, then and there. According to Girl 2, rationing would be rude.)

I can’t hear Joseph songs without thinking of a chorus of cousins gathered round a record player on a Sunday afternoon, singing along to the original LP. Harmonies and hilarity. Our history.

It’s a small place, so there’ll always be someone we know to meet unexpectedly. As well as a former colleague, I met an aunt of cousins. I don’t know her well, but she’s part of us. She enjoyed telling the tale of how she, along with my uncle and aunt, had gone out for a meal and happened across the Very Secret Hush Hush First Date of Herself and Handsome future Husband. Of course, all the beans were spilled after that. No secrets for long in our connection.

The next morning I got a phone call asking me to do something scary, but valuable. Exactly the sort of something that Herself kept badgering me to do. So, when I stopped laughing, I had to say yes.

A while later the memorial cards arrived. I had ordered them, proofed them, expected them, but am still freaked out by the box of them. They are here. She is not.

I put the iPod on shuffle. Pie Jesu came on.

OK, OK, I get the message. I’m not particularly religious,or spiritual, or in touch with something vague, but I prefer to think of all the connections as Herself waving ‘Hello’ at me, rather than random, natural, unconnected universe events.

Hi, Ma.

5 thoughts on “all joined up

  1. I love singing in the car on the way home after a show. It works better when I have passengers to sing with!

    My mother had lived in our house for over 40 years before my father died. Old houses settle and develop creaks and movements that seem strange. The door to the living room had a habit of opening unexpectedly if not closed properly in the first place. When the door opened by itself, mammy would lift her head and say “Come in Dan!” Now when any door opens you will hear us chant “Come in Dan” following by laughter.

  2. Nor am I at all spiritual, but I believe in those connections, and also in the Importance of Sweet Shop Cousins. Just those two things, really, now I think of it; nothing more.

  3. In her autobiography, Julie Walters writes about missing her mother after she died, and calling for her out loud.
    She concluded that she didn’t need to yell. The signs of her were everywhere.

    I don’t know if this helps or not.

    1. I like this, and I’m beginning to recognise it.
      They have such an important role, they can never just vanish from our heads. My head was so full of Herself and her health, that space isn’t going to get filled with fluff and guff overnight. She’ll always have her own bit of space there, just like the old man has.

      Thanks Macy

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