trek mud into the house

trip to museum

eat at fast food outlet

house full of colds

cinema with friends

 sleep over

play on the beach

 upset and disagreement

Ah, yes, it’s been half term. Joy unconfined. We’ve had tiffs, fun and hugs, and I’ve been mistaken for the girls’ granny. That was not fun. Although Spurs Fan disagrees. Oddly, he still lives.

Since we three weren’t living it up with Nana and Grandad, we decided to explore an impressive looking spot. Hot chocolate and cake were consumed. We called it ‘afternoon tea’ and watched the city bustle by below us. Outside was wet and miserable; we were warm and sophisticated.

The buiding was more exciting than the girls had imagined- there were fish to gawp at, bendy stairs and chandeliers. There were unusual seats, a huge fire, and plastic ducks. What else do you need from half term?


4 thoughts on “checklist

  1. It was fun, apart from the waiter asking if ‘Granny’ was taking the girls out for a birthday. Happily, he was as mortified as I was, and the wee ducks arrived after that to soften the blow. Undoubtedly the most expensive hot chocolate ever, but it was all about the fun experience. And making sure that they’re not overawed by fancy places where classy people like us hang out!

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