the newest one of us

We are fortunate enough to have a large extended family. Dozens of cousins. Any amount of relations. A big connection, even if we lose track of quite what the connection is at times. For years I believed that one of my female cousins had a son called Ben. Nobody else thought this- it seems I just made that one up, but it has stuck. I still struggle to get his real name right. I have no problem keeping track of the aunts and uncles and the cousins, and I’m usually just about ok with the cousins’ children. Of course now there are are grandchildren of cousins. Nope. I’m totally lost there. A generation too far for my addled brain.

Yesterday the sun was out, the sky was blue and I had an urge for sea air. Girl1 had an urge for ice cream. We wrapped the presents, girls squabbled about who was writing what words on the card, and off we went. It was time to head to the coast. Traffic indicated that everyone else had the same idea. A sunny Sunday afternoon in November? Get out, quickly- we might not have this chance again until April!

There was hugging, photograph taking, ice cream chomping and coffee drinking. There was a lighthouse, a pier and a sunset. Clambering, a knee injury, dancing. Telling of tales, and wondering if the ice cream supply would last. The latest member of the family slept through it all, wrapped in layers of handknit blankets and cardis. We got the impression that she hadn’t spent all of her 3 weeks this way.

Welcome to our world, baby girl. We wish you hugs and cuddles and music. The family chaos comes anyway. Enjoy a long and happy life by the sea your granda chose.


8 thoughts on “the newest one of us

  1. Lovely spot. I had a photo blogger from South Carolina on his knees taking photos near that lighthouse. You may have seen him on my blog during the week. There is nothing like a tiny baby to lift the spirits.

  2. Your extended family chaos always sounds every so supportive and uplifting, and I’m sure it will carry the new baby girl along as it does your lucky yourselves.

  3. xtrekki, you must have been the only person in the village not queueing for ice cream that day. Ice cream cousin had to queue just to get the pram into the shop!

    Grannymar, it was lovely to see her, tiny and delicate. We were all bemused that our two used to be that size 🙂

    Mise, the girls are already booked in for babysitting in a few years. We may just send them to the seaside for the summer 😉

  4. Good song.
    Glad it’s not just me with the deluge of cousins causing name confusion – though to be honest I find it hard enough to remember all my siblings’ birthdays. It’s the youngest two who sometimes catch me out.
    Pathetic? I know.

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