hmm, and indeed, huff

It seems I need to make an effort if I’m to lose weight. Simply showing up at a sociable Weight Watchers meeting every week won’t shift the pounds. I alternate; good week, bad week. After a good start, I’ve been losing and gaining the same few pounds for weeks. I’m getting bored with it now.


When I get bored, I stop bothering. Why make the effort if it feels like there’s no reward? I could just sit here with coffee and a slice of cake. Followed by wine and cheese. And chocolate. I’d feel good and cosy. It’ll be ages before I need new clothes, so I won’t notice the expansion.

No. That’s too easy done. I’ll never be skinny, but I’d like for there to be a bit less of me. I’d be healthier. Clothes would look better.

Instead, I have to go back and read the guff. I have to remember the smaller portions. I have to avoid most of the wine, cake, cheese and chocolate. I have to walk more. I have to deal with the comfort eating.

I joined Weight Watchers in September for the ongoing motivation and structure, and I would have lost nothing at all without it. I count points, eat vegetables and avoid spuds and buns. When I’ve had a good week, I feel great- in control, winning. I’m overcoming my outer heffalump. When I’ve regained a wee bit I’m defeated. Fat and foolish. A bit of cheese would do no harm, surely?

I need to think about this as a project, something that I have to be active about. I know that wishing won’t make it so. It won’t just happen. I have been thinner than this; I will be again. I am already thinner than I was at the start. I am brilliant really. Now that I’m telling you about it, I’ll have to keep going. You don’t need to clap or cheer me on, it’s enough for me to have told the whole wide world.


What on earth have I done? Whose great idea was that?

I’m not doing well at this ‘taking responsibilty’ am I?

cartoon from the wonderful Cathy Thorne


16 thoughts on “hmm, and indeed, huff

  1. Not that you need to…
    But if you do want to lose weight – what accidentally worked for me was giving up tea. Did it for a year cos I was a bit bored with it. Immediately I stopped, I started to lose weight. Not being particularly fattening in itself, I presume it was the biscuits, cake, etc that accompanies pots and pots of tea. Maybe sitting around less putting myself in the way of temptation.
    Anyway – give up tea for a bit. Might help. (Oh, except weird tea like peppermint – cos that’s not so moreish and as long as you dunk nothing in it – except maybe a carrot or celery – not that I did -c so that would be right weird, innit.)

    1. The only thing I’ve found to make celery palatable is hiding it in soup, maybe dunking it in peppermint tea is exactly the thing 🙂 (moves aside for a little quiet boke)

  2. What do you think about doing a fitness class of some sort? I say that because I teach them but more because it has always been helpful for me to show up and have someone else make me dance for an hour, when I would be at home wrapped in a blanket drinking wine without the class. Is there anything you’d be interested in near you? -kate

    1. Kate, I struggle with classes- woeful coordination, ME/CFS, laziness- though I sometimes look at exercise dvds and wonder…

      I could be motivated to try what Grannymar has recommended 🙂

  3. About the giving up tea, I recall that the Daily Telegraph (I think) announced a while ago that tea without milk is actively slimming. It also works really well to have small people making a mess all day so that you have to exert yourself to tidy up after them; would your small people be willing to chip in and do that?

    1. The small people are more motivated than I am; ‘how many points is that?’, ‘are you allowed to eat those?’, ‘look, weight watchers wine- you could buy that’. Unfortunately they don’t need any further encouragement to be messy.
      I’m thinking you could be a bad influence …

  4. Funny, what Blackwatertown said about tea: I’ve heard it increases appetite….I know this, and I am still statuesque, because hell will freeze over before I give up strong builder’s tea. That. will. never. happen.

    All the best, Speccy. I’m going through the self same struggle. Cake is just too nice.

  5. Love the cartoon – or is it from a science book?
    I lost about 35 or 40 pounds last year but seem to have found about 8 of them again, so I’m right there with you, trying to get past that, “oh, this one won’t count” mode – it’s tough. But I have all new clothes, so the pressure is on to keep fit….

  6. Are you a list person? When I was training for my super-sprint triathlon last winter, I had to write it down on the calendar in order to make myself do it. Like, on the family calendar, where everyone could see it and also notice if I didn’t actually do it. Getting up at 5:30am to make a 6am lane pool time sucked. A lot. But it did get me where I wanted to be, and it was truly an incredible experience. 🙂

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