change of focus, indeed

I’ve had my hair cut.

I’m losing weight.

My ‘to do’ list is getting done eventually.

I’m feeling positive and up for change.

So I ordered new glasses.


I may have got carried away.

I may return to wearing my contact lenses every day.

They’re not a bit like anything I’ve ever worn. I tried on glasses that reminded me of my 1976 originals, orΒ the 80s hugeness. There were pairs, sensible, practical pairs, a bit like the ones I already have.

I didn’t go for anything obvious or predictable. I probably bought the most expensive pair in the shop. (I like to think that I’m blessed with good taste and so will never be rich. The reality is that I’m just daft, and bad at shopping.)

I’m really not so sure, in the cold light of the morning.

When I told the girls I’d bought multicoloured specs with sparkles, they nodded “Yeah, right.” They think I’m teasing them. We’re all going to be shocked when I turn up wearing something very, very, like these…

Of course, I’m now wondering if I should change my profile pic to this one


8 thoughts on “change of focus, indeed

  1. They will suit your new media star image perfectly, and bring a happy touch of Christmas to the readership if you wlil be willing to show us yourself in them.

  2. Why be obvious when you can be outrageously glam??? The girls will be very impressed with their new, sassy, snappy, jazzy mum. And probably very jealous that they don’t have zippy specs like hers!!!! Can’t wait to see them!!

  3. Despite me being up and washed and made up and the house tidied by 9 the last few days, there’s no sign of my media career happening at all. Maybe the specs will just fool folk? Maybe the sparkles will light up our lives?
    Since my default position is ‘boring, dull’ I’m a bit anxious about ‘sparkly’. ‘outrageously glam’ is beyond me. When I’ve calmed down, I will show you πŸ™‚

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