on tenterhooks

Xtrekki has been watching all the local news programmes.

The girls run home from school in case they miss anything.

The house is tidy.

I have make up on before 9am.

I’ve even got out of bed by then.

No camera crew has been. It looks like I’m not going to be on the news after all. Real news has been happening- or local politicians have been winding each other up, which amounts to the same thing.

Be brave. Try not to get upset.

I’d only have talked about rare diseases, and Herself, and I’d have disgraced myself by talking too quickly, and crying.

Now, if you happen to know anyone in Northern Ireland who has, or may have, a rare disease in the family (there’s about 100,000 of them, you’re bound to know someone), you could get them to complete a wee survey. The developing Rare Disease Partnership want to produce a report on local experience, to use it when lobbying for better support.

Now I’ve told you all, I’m sure I don’t need to go on the TV. The three of you can get it all sorted.

Thank you, and, especially for Tinman, BOOM.


6 thoughts on “on tenterhooks

  1. Don’t forget, Speccy, that you are a busy, important woman. If those camera crew people want to come round, they can give you an exact date and time three weeks in advance.

  2. I’m so relieved – had thought I had somehow screwed up and missed your TV debut! I have been too wimpish to ask about it!!! So – now I can just say – as Mise advises – get them to give a definite date. Then there will be no chance of any of us missing the main event of the day!!

  3. They’ll probably arrive today- it’s after 9 and I’m still in pjs, with an undusted house. I’ve stopped caring. If they do turn up I’ll be too unbothered to be nervous- result.

  4. Rules of TV/journalism:
    1. Free drink.
    2. Free food.
    3. Be as nice as pie until you get what you want.
    4. Then be too busy to respond.
    It’s not personal.

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