We live on a damp island, in a wet city. We expect the wind and the rain and the hail to blow high. We need layers and wellies.

We do not expect to wear tshirts in November. Any remaining leaves should be sludgy and slidy on the ground; certainly not actually still on trees or happily crunchy.


Coming up next week: snow drifts in Belfast


11 thoughts on “unexpected

  1. Personally, after the last 2 winters, I’m happy with the mild weather. I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas, this year at least ….

  2. I hope to have boots this year which will manage all weathers! Unlike last year. I am definitely swayed to utility over fashion. (At my age you may think that has been a long time coming!!)

  3. I had every window in the house open until lunchtime and no need for the heating. The birds were singing like it was early springtime, only thing missing was the sunshine. Never mind… this week last year the snow arrived and almost forgot to leave.

  4. It was lovely today, wasn’t it? I had to walk down alongside the Liffey to a course I was on, and normally the wind howls down the river, but today I wasn’t even wearing a coat.

  5. Your last sentence sent me back to the BBC weather website to make sure snow wasn’t imminent. I’ve been trying to be prepared. I have yaktraks. I’ve been trying on perambulating duvet coats in tkmaxx. I’m toying with boots without heels. But this weather is making me feel cautiously optimistic that all might be well this winter….

  6. xtrekki, kileen- sensible boots? Are you quite well?
    Macy, santa may have some trendy tshirts to deliver- they’ll be big, but may well be able to be worn straight away.
    I’m not complaining about it, though lighting the fire seems unnecessary. Doesn’t stop me though 🙂

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