what do I know?

I pottered off to the GP, more to update him on my health than because of an identified issue. I blathered, as I do, and he decided to change my medication. Oh, ok. That was a surpise, but he knows what he’s about.

Then I read the Very Important Read Me Now Before You Do Anything leaflet that came with the new tablets. That never feels like a good idea because it lists all the possible side effects, and then I think I have them all. I didn’t notice those this time because I was busy being disconcerted. “This medication treats major depression.”

Ah, now. Surely I’m not as bad as that. Remember the losing weight/ haircut/positive vibe thing I had going on?

I know that antidepressants are prescribed to deal with the symptoms of ME/CFS, anxiety etc as well, but it was certainly a bit of a gunk to read “major depression”. I had resisted any form of medication for depression for at least 4 years because in my head it would mean that I had ‘failed’ somehow- that I didn’t have the inner resources to deal with life, the universe, and prolonged chronic illness. I got over that notion and took the tablets. I realised the benefits. I’ve done things in the last year I couldn’t have dreamt of for years before that- blogging, for instance. It would now be ridiculous to complain to the GP about ongoing brain fog, and then protest at his attempts to deal with that.

Then I realised. The GP took one look at me in the sparkly specs and thought “There must be something wrong with that woman’s head…. Time to up the dose.”


6 thoughts on “what do I know?

  1. Precisely xtrekki. The new specs are wonderful. Completely apt & expressive. The tabs are only temporary. The specs will go on forever.

  2. If you’ve done things in the last year you wouldn’t have dreamt of previously, that can only be good. Keep taking the tablets, even if they’re supposed to be for mountain goats with leprosy….

  3. A lot of these pills seems to cure a whole range of ailments. One of mine helps with bipolar disorder, something I don’t have (comment once from Mrs Tin: “we know you’re not bipolar because you never have the up-swings”).

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