Happy Birthday, Ma

I avoid the Clarins counter and the Chanel counter. My stomach still lurches when the phone rings at night. I come out in a cold sweat when I see an ambulance with blue flashing lights, neenawwing along the road. However, there has been progress. I’ve been to Omagh M&S without being sick, and this week I spoke to a journalist about you for the Belfast Telegraph. You’re not here, but you are. You always will be. We’re lonely and laughing and hugging and crying. We’re grand. And we’re singing along.







9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ma

  1. That Mary Coughlan song has got to be my most favourite song everrrrrrr!! Thank you for adding it today!! And yes – it is certainly the most evocative song I know!

  2. Absent of background detail, I sense the Messenger Boy rides eternal. Byoo-tuh-fuhl and sublime.

    ‘neenawwing along the road’ -this grabbed my attention, my curiosity and imagination. But I have never run across ‘neenawwing’ yet I know exactly what it means.

  3. Happy birthday to your mum, Speccy, I always think of my mum more on her birthday than on her anniversary. I hope you have a lovely day of memories, though I know it hasn’t been very long and the pain is still deep.

    Take care

    Tin x

  4. Good tunes – hadn’t heard that Juliet Turner one before.
    Anniversaries? Yes I suppose – Christmas as well – but mainly it’s any time I have some news to tell or a story to share.

  5. Footnote: your Scots grand-kids are in bed, so we are going to great lengths and marking the event with gin. No ice and no slice. Cheers!

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