It’s all about the birthdays these days. Not just the one on 25th. Girl2 has just had hers, Herself would have had one last week, the old man, Granny and the Brother are all to come. The older generations aren’t here any longer to celebrate with us, but there are still smiles, warm thoughts, great memories.

And then there’s today. Happy Birthday, Spurs Fan. Sometime you’ll get a wife who remembers cards and cake, and where she’s hidden the presents …


4 thoughts on “d’oh!

  1. Yes – December does seem to bring such a rash of birthdays. This was my grans. My brother is having his party tonight. Then there are Guiding Lights’ two sons. The youngest grandchild. And a high maintenance friend. All before that other big day. You’re clearly steps ahead of us. You at least have the present hidden!

  2. I like to toast the special days of those who have gone before. Thankfully I get a break between August and February for the living celebrations and then they come in clumps like rough grass!

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