The world has lots of problems- a mere glance at today’s front pages tells tales of war, economic breakdown and impending climate catastrophe. In the big picture, this does not even warrant a pixel.

But the world inside my head is a different, sometimes difficult, bewildering space. There, this news is HUGE. It signifies success. Target setting and achievement. I’ve been able to do something I set out to do- it seems like years since I felt that. There is more to do. There will be more ups and more downs. That’s ok. I feel great. Tigger is bouncing round inside my head today.

There is less of me. I have rediscovered my collarbone, a waist and smaller clothes. Santa’s suit won’t fit me now. I’m making better choices, I’m motivated. I’ve lost 21 lbs.

I am the bee’s knees.

Fireworks from here


10 thoughts on “less

    1. Ooooh, that sounds v impressive. I like that. I am brilliant 😉

      Needless to say, I’m fully expecting to regain a few pounds in the next weeks, but for now I’m chuffed.

  1. That’s very impressive!!!! My Guiding Light won Slimmer of the Week at Slimming World last week – but will be sooooooo envious of your total!!!! Congratulations!! You really are the Bees Knees!!!

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