managing expectations

Internet problems today, uugh. I much prefer being connected to the outside world than looking round the house, avoiding jobs.

This post is an attempt to not avoid the elephant on top of the Christmas tree …


The postman is bringing the shopping. The cards are mostly away. The school choir is carol singing. The Christmas playlist is shuffling. A food list is drafted. There’s no doubt about it; Christmas is on its way.

Christmas- that great time for a gathering of families and celebration. Our first Christmas as orphans. Time to go back to the drawing board and figure out whole new ways of doing. Time to invent some traditions.

Goodness, but it’s going to be different. We won’t be travelling west in atrocious weather. We won’t be showing off Santa presents in the nursing home. We won’t be sorting out presents from Herself. We’ll be at home. Nana and Grandad will be here. Girls will be full of excitement and noise.

Herself would want us to sort ourselves out, stop moping, and get on with it. I miss her telling me what to do. I’ll miss her reminding me how long to cook the ham for, even though I know by now. I’ll be regaling everyone with tales of all the times she cooked the ham on Christams Eve and then forgot to serve it. One of our old traditions.

We’ll get new ways of doing things. We will have fun and games. I will miss my parents. I will be a grown up. I know I will enjoy the holidays- time together, relaxing, playing, laughing. They’ll not be far away, those oldies, making me smile, and telling me to go wash my hair when I feel a bit down. Oddly, it works.

Kirstie made me think about this one- blame her!


3 thoughts on “managing expectations

  1. Even though I’ve lived at a distance from my parents for many years, it’s tough not to keep thinking of my dad as I prepare for the holiday – I keep getting gift ideas for him, stuff like that, and as we put up our tree, I thought of how long ago, he sent us money for a tree and decorations so his first grandson would have a festive first Christmas. Causes a twinge, but makes me smile.

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