You’ll not be surprised that I didn’t make it to abroad last week. Real life has a habit of intervening in my whimsy. Instead I found some heat in the Palm House. It’s an early example of curved glass and something or other. It’s impressive. Also, I walk past it several times a week and hardly notice. Only sometimes do I call in for a nosey. Then I remember the tall plants, the pretty plants, the warm bits. This time I noticed some other bits as well. I’ve discovered that having the camera with me makes me look harder, see more. I’ll never be a photographer, but I’m becoming a better observer.
in the warmth
fierce animal
why, where do you keep your spade?

3 thoughts on “warmer

  1. In the pack of cards! 😀

    I remember being in the Palm House years ago, I know we needed special permission, we were there to find pattern as part of City & Guilds Design course. I think that was the day when my eyes opened properly. Back then I had not discovered a camera and was reduced to kindergarden artwork!

  2. Pics are great and the palm house + the tropical ravine are some of my favourite places in Belfast. Aspirational. Reminds me there is a world away from the cold/wet and nettles in our garden! Both serene and calming. Revitalizing. A wonderful use of a few hours.

  3. Oooh! I love conservatories. Sadly, there are none in my neck of the woods, but if I walked past one every day there’d be no such thing as simply walking past every day. The University has two, but you can’t get admittance if you’re not a horticulture student. 😦 Maybe I need to switch majors….

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