christmas eve choon

While Nana is enjoying the variety of the playlist, Girl1 is turning on the radio to find tweenie pop when she can- she has the consolation that I don’t know the words to any of those.

There’s only one today, and it’s not the one I was woken up to, much as I love it. The choon is a proper traditional carol, from the ‘old time family favourites’ stable. Think of generations of folk gathered round a kitchen table, singers falling into harmonies, non singers approximating notes …


How many versions would you like?

Two is hardly enough for me, but probably more than enough for the rest of you. As a special treat, I’m giving you contrasting versions- it’s Christmas, why not?


How to limit the delights in store for you tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “christmas eve choon

  1. That first one: I see where the writers of Father Ted get their plot lines from now. Jolly nice, but I had do get over my personal barrier: all the funny singing priest FT episodes I’ve ever seen.

    Tracey Chapman: now there’s an icon I love. You have taste. Gorgeous.

    Thanks Fiona. Happy Christmas to you all. Hope the break affords rest and some lovely moments.

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