I’m a sucker for marketing. If you come up with a clever idea and package it just right, I’m bound to pay you for it. Who else do you know actually hands over good money to add to her Christmas playlist?

Things are no different on the day itself. On that great feast for Christians and consumers, I escaped from the chaos and the kitchen. I hid from the energy and the enthusiasm. Amazon invited me to shop for well reduced Kindle ebooks. Comfort book shopping while I should have been managing the roast potatoes.

Surely I’m not the only person to be amused by the thought that this is what I bought, on the day that was in it … “Buy an alternative here! Only 99p! Come and get it!”

Typical me: Mass in the morning; enjoy the ritual, the singing, the community- then come home and freak out. Fickle or what?


3 thoughts on “escape

  1. Am on a four day hiatus of all things internetty over the holidays. I don’t comment. Posting is forbidden. Buy shtufffs online, never. Send emails, none. Don’t even turn my computer on. Just spend time with family and friends basting in the joy. Gotta run. Someone is coming.

    And you never seen me here. ‘Fickle or what’ -we are all a contradiction, it has infiltrated every aspect of daily life; Christmas is nor should it be exempt. Great post, you!

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