is gluttony still a sin?

And if so, is the Weight Watchers leader the adjudicator? I’m expecting to be banished to the clapping praise free zone next week.

Consider the evidence:

veg for roasting
I may be the only person in the world who actually likes sprouts
ham cooked for an indeterminate period tastes much better than it looks
a while to go yet
small, but yum
well, we are celebrating

The Traditional Forgotten Item for this year was the little sauasages.

A key part of the McSpec family Christmas is, somehow, never forgotten about …


6 thoughts on “is gluttony still a sin?

  1. Looks like a sensible holiday meal to me (unless perhaps those are your personal wine bottles) – lots of veggies. As long as you shared the ham and the turkey with a couple of others, you should be just fine!

  2. Only the 2 bottles. Such moderation. Almost teetotal for this time of year. Lots of healthy veg. No gluttony there. Chocolate Kimberley – I want some now. Love them.

  3. We were lucky enough to have visitors for about a week- lots of good meals, more lovely wine. I was more sensible than normal on the snacking front, but that’s probably because I’d have exploded with a wafer thin mint …

  4. Correction. There is one other person in the world that I know of (in the Buffalo NY region to be exact) who also enjoys sprouts. Buttery, with an outer shell of bread crumbs especially.

    And the fact that you forgot the mini sausages is Sin enough, never mind worrying about the gluttony!


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