the days after

I left the playing and the partying.

I went for a walk, along empty streets.

All around was quiet.

There seemed to be just me and the magpies in the park.

The branches were bare.

But, just behind me … ?

Your eyes do not deceive you. Daffodils, outside, in Belfast, on 26 December.


9 thoughts on “the days after

  1. I must say, ‘Thank you’. For sharing your moment of solitude. The empty streets, dwellers all tucked away, basting in the season’s festivities. Almost eerie, on the other hand, quint. A Daffodil we won’t see till early April. On the evening of Christmas, our Daffodils fell from sky, in the form of enormous snow flakes. Their shadows from the street lights, the size of grapefruit. You could hear the sound of them as they slammed into twigs and clothes. All was good.

    1. I have a wondeful image of that in my mind now, Hudson. Obviously I’m looking out at it, from beside the cosy fire, feeling very contented. We’ve had unusual amounts of snow and ice the past two Christmases, so the mild weather is almost shocking!

      Tilly, I mentioned a while ago that I’d got yaktracks and bags of salt, so maybe I scared the bad weather away?

    1. Grannymar, I love daffodils. In March. They signify spring, being able to hang out washing, and moving towards brightness. In December, they just seem weird!

      Kate, remember when we looked forward to snowdrops… Our poor climate doesn’t know what’s going on anymore

  2. Just catching up because I was not near a useful online for a few days – love these pictures and all the thoughts they conjure up for me, especially the daffodils. There were always hundreds around where my parents lived, and I love them whatever time they choose to grow. But, Belfast, December, that I don’t remember…
    Happy 2012, one of the best bits of 2011 was finding your blog

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