Celebration, respect, love, appreciation, thanks- all good reasons to give a gift.

A few weeks ago we went to deliver gifts to Herself’s Handsome Husband and to the Auntie. We also wanted to acknowledge the ongoing help and support from the Neighbours. They cut the grass, they keep an eye out for Handsome Husband.

I poked about the cupboard and retrieved a bottle of red wine and a fancy gift bag. I wrote a card and was about to head out the door. Of course, by then I’d forgotten where I’d put my handbag so I went off on a search and rescue mission.

Waiting, bored, Spurs Fan decided to check out the gift bag. He was somewhat quizzical when I returned.

“Are you sure about this Speccy?”

“Of course I’m sure! The Neighbours are very good-  why …”

“No. This.” He waved the dark bottle about. It was half empty.



But for the grace of a misplaced handbag, the Neighbours would have got an opened (for how long?), partially drunk bottle of red wine vinegar as a Christmas present. A token of appreciation they’d never forget. A stinky gem that I’d never know about.

I’d probably never have found out why they stopped cutting the grass …

image from flickr


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