janet and the gang

I read a lot. It turns out that having a Kindle doesn’t stop me from buying physical books in the supermarket, charity shop, or, joy untold, an actual bookshop. Hours of browsing, being attracted by the unexpected, new discoveries. There are usually several books on the go at once. I love it all.

Whenever a new Janet Evanovich arrives with my Friendly Neighbourhood Librarian, all other books go on hold. Crime, comedy, romance, wonderful recurring characters- some of these books are right up there on the reread list. Not all of them- sometimes the formula defeats the comedy, sometimes the crime is too convoluted for the formula- but when it works, the Stephanie Plum numbers series is an absolute joy.

Stephanie is a bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey. She’s not very good at her job- she keeps her gun, unloaded, in the cookie jar, and the stun gun is never charged. Regularly, those she’s trying to apprehend get the better of her and she’s left in a ridiculous mess or her car gets blown up. Romantic tension is provided by Joe (cop, sometime boyfriend) and Ranger (private security, sometime dessert). Grandma, Lula, Tank, and others provide funeral viewings, outlandish outfits, donuts, and utter bemusement.

This series is a bit like Hawaii Five 0, or other glossy fluffy tv- enjoyable, ludicrous, unmissable and with characters I care about, as long as they don’t veer into charicature.

I’m usually to be found curled up on the sofa, laughing.


2 thoughts on “janet and the gang

  1. Devastated I’ve finished the eighteen & will have to wait months for the next one. The film & the 2nd Diesel book might help me through this wait but nothing beats getting a new Stephanie Plum.

  2. I’ve not yet read any of this series – but such fulsome recommendations have certainly grabbed my attention. Perhaps the same Friendly Neighbourhood Librarian could keep me in the loop when the Plum books arrive??

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