Somebody decided that it was time to buy new school shoes. Sensible, practical school shoes that wouldn’t fall apart after six weeks of rain.

Somebody decided to do that yesterday. A visit to the local shopping centre on a public holiday. In the afternoon. The day before most of the schools start back.

Somebody nearly had an anxiety attack in the shoe shop. Where had all the feet come from?

Somebody has been in bed since, downing painkillers.

Luckily, somebody doesn’t blame herself quite as much as she used to for these minor crises. Planning and pacing are great ways of helping manage ME/CFS. Forgetting about them is a symptom.

Eventually everyone will go back to school and somebody will manage her days better.

Until then, who knows?

Good night, all.


4 thoughts on “somebody

  1. Taking on challenges like shopping on such a day shows great optimism and energy – it would be tough on anyone! Rest well.

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