We decorate for all sorts of reasons, to prettify and embellish, and mainly to claim something as our own. It’s our style. It’s what we like. We make our mark.

It may be a tattoo, nail varnish or sparkly specs, but what we’re saying is “Here I am. This is me.” Fancy nails are easier changed than skin decoration, but the concept is the same.

Any of you visiting here during the summer got to watch me reclaiming my world by decorating. You’d had to read months of trauma and anguish as my mother’s health deteriorated and we were bereaved.

Eventually, the chaos in my head was played out in the front room. We cleared out, redesigned and replaced. A fireplace, furniture and hundreds of books were passed on to new homes. We looked at blank walls and concrete floors. We got to decide what we wanted to be, how we wanted to show ourselves to the world.

We chose brown leather furniture, oak flooring and bright cushions; we hope that works as low key and colourful rather than garish. We may be wrong about that, but no matter.

We have a woodburning stove. Oh, how I love that fire. Warmth, cosiness, simplicity, comfort. Like a mummy hug.

Here I am. This is me. Who’s like me?



Sidey has a weekend theme for fellow bloggers to post to. Some of you are expert in responding to prompts; this is my first attempt at joining in there, to the theme ‘Decorate’. A lot of the fun is in the differing approaches to the theme. If you have a minute you should go visiting.


6 thoughts on “decorate

  1. Puts me to shame. We’ve been intending to get around to this decoration lark for soooooo long!! Still. New year – new resolution. (Or is that just ‘new holiday agenda’????) Anyway – the room looks beaut! I’m dead jealous!

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