but not as we know it

My dancing is as good as my singing (only inflicted on my nearest and dearest, in the safety of our own home). However, Girl1 and Girl2 do a lot of dancing. There’s the after school ‘pop’ class, ballet and, the biggie, Irish dancing. Hours of class each week. Frocks and competitions. Distracted parents. While they’re unlikey to be champions, they’ve reached a standard that is easier to watch; no longer randomly leaping about, they do impressive things with their feet, and look confident and happy while they’re doing so.

We also get to watch tv dance shows; the ones with celebrities, and the ones with regular folk. Last weekend, this burst on to our screens. It looks like serious fun. Is it time for me to resurrect my Irish dancing career? Oh, no, I’d need to be fit, talented and generally awesome. Too much work to get fit…


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