me, odd?

I know!

Who’d have thought?

It seems, however, that I am the quite odd one.

Yesterday both girls arrived home from school full of excitement about going to a party.

That’s two different parties. Today. At 4 o’clock. In different parts of town.

Neither had an invitation. Word of mouth wins amongst the 9 and 10 year olds.

if only ...

Of course, I was the worst in the world.

I asked questions. Unreasonable, or what?

Who? When? Where? For how long? How are you going to get there?

One girl provided a contact number, so I was able to confirm, clarify and negotiate. The other has gone to school prepared to pass on my number to a parent, and hope that somebody calls.

No phone call; no party.

Maybe it’s all just wishful thinking on the part of little girls.

We wait with bated breath.

In the meantime, I’m the Meanest Mum in the Whole Darn Town.

image from flickr


5 thoughts on “me, odd?

  1. Those Who? When? Where? questions went on for years when I lived at home. If I had a date, daddy asked forty different versions of the same Questions. He usually finished by asking if he could come too. I quickly discovered that if I said “Yes!” or got in there first and invited him along, he lost interest. Did I ever tell you about the night….?

  2. Periodically the spud, who just turned 7, will come home and announce that she’s been invited to play/go out/attend a party sans physical invitation. I can’t even seem to get the name of the kid who invited her, much less a when or a where. Half the time I’m not even sure that they’re real invitations and not figments of her very vivid imagination.

    Good luck.

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