a tale of two parties

It was never going to end well.

I’m glad it’s over.

Normality has returned.

Girl1 had a great time. A dozen of them on the bus into town with a parent. They got parked in the cinema, well warned, tied to the seats and left unchaperoned. Oh, so grown up. The parent collected them, got everybody back on the bus and then they got chips (from the chippie!) on their way home. What could be more exciting? The film was hardly mentioned; she was buzzing about the bus, going to the toilets in pairs and chips. Bus! Friends! Chips!

I had been anxious about the ‘unchaperoned’ aspect of the event, and realised that I’m going to struggle more than she is with the little steps towards independence. My first born is a teeny person with a strong mind and enormous determination. Right now she’s fairly sensible. Long may that last.

Girl2 was nowhere near as joyful. The bottom lip wobbled when she was doing homework. She tried so hard to be brave. Then I asked if she were ok. Fatal. I know all the signs. I’m the same myself. Floods of tears ensued.

She was upset about not going to the party, and upset for her friend that no-one from the class was going. I wondered if maybe the friend had misunderstood, and invited classmates when that wasn’t what her family had planned?

No. That wouldn’t happen.

Well, sometimes maybe we don’t quite understand what the parents are intending to do- a bit like the time you told the ballet teacher that I wouldn’t allow you to get new ballet shoes, even though I didn’t even know you needed new ones? (Meanest Mum etc …)

But I didn’t know!

Exactly; maybe your friend didn’t know and asked everybody, kindly, but by accident?

Equilibrium was restored eventually. All tears dried and both sets of homework were completed before bed. Girl1, unexpectedly, contained most of the buzzing when Girl2 was about, and didn’t gloat. Girl2 dusted herself down, cuddled me and the bears, and recovered.

Wee pets.


3 thoughts on “a tale of two parties

  1. I’m upset for her friend too now that no-one from the class went. Let’s all go next year. You, the girls, all the commentators. And we’ll bring extra nice presents with us.

  2. Mise, what a clever idea for a bloggy party 🙂 When I asked how the party had gone, Girl2 had recovered from her trauma so well that she hadn’t even asked!

    Grannymar, she feels things very intensely, but then gets over them quickly. The crises are serious but not too long lived. thankfully.

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