the hat

One of the sisters bought it, for a wedding. They were a big family and at that age where there were lots of weddings. The hat went to them all, on a different sister each time. It can be spotted in the various wedding pictures, accessorising various outfits.

For the children of the weddings, it became a game; looking at the photographs and spotting the hat. Nobody was ever able to keep track of who wore it when; it was legendary. A source of great enterainment; who? what colour was that outfit? oh, look at…! The hat became a cipher: code for sharing and love and fun and extended family.

The photographs are dusty, curly and faded now. In a box, under boxes, in a cupboard far far away.

Who knows now whatever happened to the hat?

The sharing and love and fun and extended family are as strong as ever.

Sidey’s weekend theme: the hat


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