even more art

I was glad to revisit the Queen exhibition, and went for a wander afterwards. Upstairs, and a world away, were two connected exhibitions Street Art and Tags not Labels, displays of local and international street art.

Street Art is a touring exhibition of the Victoria and Albert Museum. It includes work by Banksy, Sickboy and D*Face. (I’d heard of Banksy). Tags not Labels is about street art in Belfast, including four commissioned works (postcards photographed on the kitchen table, below.)

Various workshops will be running during the exhibition, some on street art techniques. I’m not at all crafty, but am so tempted by the thought of a workshop called Contemporary Urban Cross-Stitch. Unfortunately, I’d have to be over 50 to attend. There’s no mention of me needing to be able to sew.

I’m hoping to attend a lecture in February, since it will be, in part, dealing directly with one of the questions I had on seeing the exhibition- do Northern Ireland’s political murals count as street art? The Street Art exhibition displayed a wide range of images, including the political. Tags not Labels didn’t reference the murals, presumably because they’re well documented, discussed and have tourist trails. The ‘regular’ street art is not so well known. Yet.

A map of current key areas is available. It might be time to dig out the stick and go walking.


5 thoughts on “even more art

  1. Now this caught my attention. Street art has been on a decline in many countries through out the late eighties, nineties on through to present. It often comes out of desperation, an angst by those who feel despair an forgotten and or misunderstood. Given the times, its got to be coming back? Or will the rebels remain their comfy caves and burn up bandwidth for a worldwide audience who most part are digitally numb. Am following the links, thank you.

  2. I went to a Banksy exhibition in Bristol some time ago and was bowled over. They were such brilliantly witty/caustic and deliciously observed comments on absolutely everything and anything. These Belfast murals look great too – clearly I need to follow your lead and follow the mural trail. (Remembering the way my intention to visit the Queen exhibition went, I should head out today!!!)

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